Font size, “Quotation Marks” & Why Blogging Will Never Die

Gavôn Owen - writer, model & brand consultant

Gavôn Owen - writer, model & brand consultant

Have you ever thought about how our language shapes our perception?

Some languages around the world lack words for numbers, while others have 15 different words to categorize one color. Words carry an immense amount of power which is why it’s still valued today and brands are using writers to influence our thoughts and actions. The art of communicating a brand’s message is what even the most experienced writers are still perfecting.

Brands take careful measures to present a cohesive message with specific calligraphy and font size. This kind of consistency in branding has proven to be successful and helps to establish a voice behind the brand. The ability to weave their voice into their clothing or to communicate an idea helps establish a secure form of communication and honesty with the consumer.

Brands will go to many lengths to differentiate themselves from the rest. It can feel formulaic but it’s the quickest way to convert fans into loyal customers. Logos printed on clothing can tell the attitude behind the brand and gives the brand a voice that’s easily recognizable. Some brands take to social media to help establish that voice and brand loyalty by trolling the internet and responding to haters mostly using comedy.

Why was the utilization of “quotation marks” in Off-White brand such a successful branding move? Virgil Abloh used quotation marks to gave the brand a tone of sarcasm that poked fun at consumerism from an anti-consumerism point of view. He makes fun of the way we see clothes and uses misnomers that make us think about clothes unconventionally. It goes even deeper as to question what value these items hold in our society.

Now that we’re in the digital age, we scroll through large amounts of visual information daily, but words force us to stop and focus our attention. Brands trying to connect with the next gen use logos and text to draw them in emotionally and eventually convert them to loyal consumers. Words help people have a better understanding and make deeper connections with in our society.