Should I Go Back To School Or Not?

Gavon Owen - Image:    #$ΛLT Creative Hous

Gavon Owen - Image: #$ΛLT Creative Hous

I’ve heard so many people in my generation say they don’t ever plan on going back to school and they never want to sit in a classroom ever again. If that’s you, I’d love to hear your reason for or against going back to school in the comments section below.

I’m sitting here going back and forth on whether I should go back to school to not and it’s been the longest debate I’ve had in a while. I want to lead my own career and fund my lifestyle but i’m not sure if what i’m doing now can do just that. With that in mind, school is an option that I can’t afford to take off the table but I’ve definitely made it a plan B.

I’ve heard some inspiring stories and have seen people take their personal brand and business to the next level. No business degree. No fancy headlines. Just their passion and their VOICE. Their voice is what directed their path and built their business to sustain their lifestyle.

What is so special about the fashion industry are the people follow unconventional paths to defining their voice and starting some of the most revolutionary business. These idea often times stem from making tough decisions or a personal crisis. Sort of like the one I am having now.

I struggle back and forth with going back to school for fashion because I believe I have the ability to not only fund my lifestyle but invest for a bigger and brighter future. I’m sorry to tell you haven’t found the answer but I’ve found my voice through writing and I’m giving myself the time to nurture that gift before I throw money at another institution. I read an article by i-D magazine about going to fashion school and here were some main takes aways:

  1. Have unparalleled cultural knowledge: That’s why my blog is about fashion AND culture.

  2. Hone a skill: Writing is my skill, what is yours?

  3. Find a mentor: I’m still on the look out for a mentor but for now I have my network.

  4. Socialize aka NETWORK

  5. Work damn hard! I think this one is self-explanatory.

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