Don't Let Comparison Kill Your Dreams: A Lesson In Finding Your Voice

Gavon Owen - Image:  #$ΛLT Creative Hous

Gavon Owen - Image: #$ΛLT Creative Hous

Have you ever felt like your voice wasn't big enough or what you had to say wasn't important?

Some of us get preoccupied with what everyone else is doing and how they feel about certain things, we forget to check-in with ourselves. What's happening is the constant comparison is becoming our first reaction, but comparison is the number one killer of dreams and it can make some of us feel inadequate.

The other night I was watching someone share his coming out story and I was blown away by the radical life events that defined his character and identity. He repeatedly said throughout the video;

‘Never speak in a borrowed voice”

A lot of us have yet to find the power in our individuality and how those experiences play a role in who we are. When we scroll on Instagram or Twitter comparing ourselves to other people, we’re doing ourselves a disservice. On social media it's easier to paint a pretty picture, but it's also hard for us to buy into the unrealistic expectations of life. It's much more genuine to gain others support when you speak from a place of authenticity and humility.

If you're on social media to promote your brand or talk about something important to you, find a way to make those moments personal and make it teachable and stop killing your dreams through comparison. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and straight up with your audience. There are so many fake personalities and pages our there willing to pay for likes and followers, combat that culture with the realness and rawness of life.

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