Jaden Smith For President

Most people know him as Jaden Smith. Others know him as the boy from The Karate Kid. I know him as Syre. 

Jaden Smith has long surpassed his days of martial arts and certainly prefers to recite rhythmic poetry as he rocks his influential brand MSFTSrepublic in the comfort of his home studio.

Jaden Smith, born in California on July 8th, 1998, came into the industry acting, just like his mother and father. But remember he's a millennial, eager to create and control their own lifestyle. It appeared that Jaden Smith naturally gravitated towards entertainment and went from acting in front of the camera to developing his presence on stage and social media.

He's promoting his album Syre, and plans to release more music but he’s done so much already. How does he plan to outdo what he's already established? As a leader of the new generation and style icon, Jaden is working with more influence than we can handle. 

So how did this actor turned model turned rapper and fashion influencer come into his own image? Do you remember when he wore a skirt in an advertisement for Louis Vuitton SS16? Or when he wore a dress? Jaden Smith wasted no time distinguishing himself from the conventional views of masculinity, gender, and beauty.

His music is undoubtedly backed up by his killer style and taste in fashion. He has slowly become an icon and a catalyst for change, and I'm almost certain that has to do with his upbringing.

Jaden's street style is without a doubt some of the greatest we have witnessed because he’s not afraid to step outside of the box. Individual's style is a journey.

His clothing brand (MISFITSrep), launched in May 2013, has grown and now with his album climbing the charts, his image serves as the platform for his message.

At an interview with Pharrell Williams, Jaden and his partner in crime, Willow Smith, pay each other compliments while they share what they think is best for the current generation of leaders. They also argued over who was the better at making music (Willow). What these two did agree upon is that society’s standards need to change and it’s only going to get worse before it can get better. That’s why Jaden adopted the persona Syre [sigh-er] to represent the “misfits”.

Jaden’s middle name, Syre, represents the new generation and their struggles. He talks about how society impresses its views on relationships and personal success that can play into ones internal struggles.

Jaden’s album is filled with ballads about marginalized identities, a girl who broke his heart and inheriting what he desires. With his clever lyrics, Jaden talks about how he plans to reconstruct the narrative of our present society and prepare the new generation to takeover. Arguably a valid narrative that's more inclusive, it’s that same mentality that makes Jaden a natural born leader.

Syre and Jaden have been used interchangeably in this post, but what's important is that Jaden is using his image to incite change and challenge the status quo.