How Fashion Designers Are Cashing In On Nostalgia

Brands are making a killing using ideas from our childhood and we couldn’t be any happier.

The year of 2018 was all about throwbacks and making room at the table for us young folk. To younger generations, the interwoven mechanisms behind a fashion show were unknown and privy to only fashion insiders. But with the rise of social media and fashion bloggers exposing the insides of fashion, the age to engage on a deeper level just got younger. This has created a new wave of rather peculiar trends and runway shows designed to draw in a younger audience.

I certainly never thought I would live to see the day Pikachu walking down the runway during Fashion Week but the GCDS spring 2019 presentation was everything Pokemon fans needed. A number of whimsical, and arguably bizarre, motifs from our deepest childhood memories are making appearances in places we never could’ve imagined. And brands aren’y denying the inherent need for younger generations to connection to new collections if they want our support.

The fashion industry has expanded since discovering the benefits of dominating a specific market. If brands want to be successful they need to devise clever tactics for carving out a narrative that speaks to one person or a certain kind of individual.

Like in any business, the strategy and overarching goal is to make money, yet most brands are still finding a balance between trendy and timeless styles. As fashion looks onward to the trends of 2019, brands that have mastered the art of adapting quickly better equipped to face the shifting tides.

It was never a secret that brands should rely on data to gather insights and predict what will get people to buy their clothes, but they’re also looking at what performed well in the past, which turns out to be cartoons. Pulling ideas from our memories is one way to gain our support, but if brands want to retain their relevance they’ll need to tap deeper into our culture and what we care about today. They want our loyalty, and they’re dropping hints in the form of thigh-high Pikachu boots.

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