DTour Atlanta: From Closet To Concept Store

Tucked away in one of Atlanta’s prominent studios is DTour, a concept store that’s redefining closet space and taking the hassle out of shopping on the weekend. The creative team at #$ΛLT and I got the private shopping experience and took this opportunity to spotlight the concept store that’s creating a buzz in the Atlanta community.

It’s Wednesday when Cam Kirk Studios contacts #$ΛLT and invites us to shop at one of Atlanta’s hidden gems. As we walked in, we could feel the openness and the positive vibrations... or it could've been the sunlight coming in from the big windows. The space isn’t huge but it's amazing how they utilized the space. The attached the clothing racks to the ceilings and attached the shelves to the walls. It’s very open, clean and filled with mirrors to catch just about any angle. Very feng shui!

We got to learn about the story of how Cam Kirk turned a closet into DTour, and how his team designed the unique shopping experience. Today, the customer shopping experience is key to surviving retail and building a long-lasting brand. Building DTour in a small space could've been a deterrent for Cam Kirk and his team. But it turned out to be an advantage as they streamline the shopping experiencing, making it easier to get in, cop some merch, and get out.

DTour retails popular magazines and action figures that speak to the 80s and 90s babies. The racks house both Atlanta clothing brands and brands Cam Kirk has formed special relationships with. DTour also sells DTour merch which features minimalist designs they create throughout the year and release in small batches. There’s also different cultures represented like Japanese-inspired interior decor and visual compositions by Stephen Shore.

The execution for DTour was flawless and it’s making a huge impact on the Atlanta fashion community. The store is available by appointment, which is great if you’re trying to avoid the weekend crowds. And when you make a purchase, you receive a hand-decorated bag by one of the staff members. DTour showcases some of the bags decorated by celebrities and influencers just to show how big the love is for Cam Kirk Studios.

Photography by Neil at #$ΛLT Creative House