The Chest Rig: An Alyx-Inspired New York Fashion Week Must-Have

Chest rig? Vest? Ballistic fanny pack?

I know that last option threw you for a loop, but there are so many ways to name New York Fashion Week’s hottest accessory. I copped this chest rig from the #$ΛLT Haus hours before I left Atlanta for New York Fashion Week, and it was a gift from the fashion gods.

Traveling from one place to the next is no easy task for a fashionistô, but the real reason why this vest made it on my trip to NYFW is because it had deep pockets.

Six to be exact...

This outfit was inspired by the one and only, Bella Hadid. I saw her running from the paparazzi while I was in New York but she used a belt to tie everything together; I just made a few updates of my own.

It’s absolutely necessary that when attending NYFW that you have something similar to a fanny pack to hold all your stuff, like your phone, chapstick, keys, wallet and the list goes on. And who wants random crap in their pockets when they’re trying to get photographed?

You can cop your own chest rig HERE!