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The Ephemeral Future Of Fashion

Truth is the retail revolution we’re going through isn’t focused on permanent physical structures, but permanent space in consumers’ minds. Brands have drastically shifted their focus to align with millennials and gen z consumers who will soon hold over half the world's buying power. Hence the prevalence of small-batch, direct to consumer business models.

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FENTY: The Burgeoning of Direct-To-Consumer Luxury

With the global release of FENTY’s first collection in our rear view, we’re all curious how the hype is still going strong. Aside from FENTY being the only brand Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (LVMH) has built from stretch since 1987, it’s the only brand with a Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) business model of its kind within the LVMH brand portfolio. The partnership between the luxury conglomerate LVMH and Robin ‘Rihanna’ Fenty signifies the eminent departure from traditional luxury business models, placing a greater emphasis on consumer centricity.

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Fashion Has Become Less About Style And More About Branding Strategy

The fashion industry experienced an expansion with the monetization of Instagram and the rise of fashion influencers, and has become less about style and more about branding and strategy. That doesn’t say quality goes out the window, but how brands attract their core consumer base is changing and it involves building brand equity through storytelling. How these brands convince us to support them is all based on continuity in branding and providing an incentive or emotional satisfaction for their customers.

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