Beyonce's View On Vogue, Getting Over The Haters & The Power of Perspective

Boy summer 2018 was this one hell of a ride! From ending a relationship to going through employment anxiety, I had to overcome resistance in every direction. Thank God Beyoncé is taking over the September 2018 issue of Vogue. That means there's still hope for this season.

Ironically the topic of today's blog post hit me as I was preparing to give away clothes this summer. I wiped away my metaphorically tears and pushed past the ties I had to these material items. But who was I kidding? I knew I struggled with moving forward from the past but something had to change. NYFW was coming up and I was feeling the pressure to move into this new season with a new perspective.

Something we all suffer from is a negative perspective. And I mean spending an unnecessary amount of time and energy on people or thoughts that brings us down. As a result, our focus on the positives begins to wain and we allow the negativity to bleed into other areas. Similarly to my once cluttered closet, it was hard to identify the good in every moment because I was stressed out by bad and ugly thoughts. 

This summer I prayed and meditated in order to clear my head and get back on my grind, because if I allowed these problems to take root and grow, that negativity would impact my mood and productivity. How we see anything will start to be how we see everything, so before you think another negative thought.. take a sec to read these points:

#1 Tackle your problems head on because the solution can be found within through self-reflection or hearing another perspective.

#2 Let go dead weight. I mean it. So you can make room for other valuable people and opportunities.

#3 Control your tongue. What you speak into existence will manifest itself. When you take control of your thoughts, you control your future.

Beyoncé definitely inspired me from her interview with Vogue to look at situations differently. Don’t let your negativity be your reality!

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