How You Should Dress To Impress


One of my oldest childhood memories is of my father picking out my clothes and bringing me to work. Those were the best days because I wore the nicest penny loafers and that one navy jacket my dad let me wear on Sundays. He was so well-dressed and well-groomed; I think some of his style rubbed off on me. That, and I would "borrow" clothes from his closet occasionally. 

Back then my dad would call me Dapper Dan when he was trying to give anyone a compliment on their outfit. Today when Dapper isn’t inspiring the latest runway collections for Gucci, he’s leading a new Harlem atelier, where he makes sartorial magic with raw materials supplied by Gucci. If you haven't met Dapper Dan here are tips you can use today to help you dress to impress.


The Fit

It’s important that your clothes enhance your physique and wearing a poorly fitted outfit will do the exact opposite. Clothes that are fitted should still give your arms and legs the ability to move without interference. You can also pull off a boxy look that’s equally flattering by adding a belt or a shoe string around the waist to shape your upper body. You can enhance your everyday outfits with a fit that's perfect for you.

Tip #1: You can broaden your shoulders wearing a boxy shirt and make your legs look longer with a cropped pant.


The Style

The saying goes, “Every powerful man has a uniform.” Does that mean you should wear the same thing everyday? Not at all, but you should curate your closet so that it can help you beyond elevating your confidence. If you want to be a boss, start dressing like one. If you want to be a model, start dressing like one. If your closet is tailored to your lifestyle or career, you can determine your future and control what other's think or say about you.

Tip #2: Solidify your go-to garms (garments) and essentials. This will make getting dressed a whole lot easier.


The Shoes

The last, and the MOST important point of this post is your shoes. Gentlemen, the sneaker is equivalent to a handbag, so everybody wants to know what you’re wearing. You may not know it but your shoes say a lot about who you are and how you handle yourself. That’s why I choose my shoes based on where I'm going and what I'm going to do. I tend to keep it simple in professional settings, but when I’m off-duty I'm not afraid to make a bold statement about who I am. No matter what your style is, make it work for you.

Tip #3: Take care of your shoes and they’ll take care of you.


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