H&M Conscious Collection: A Look At Sustainable Style


H&M has built a reputation of providing affordable clothing and accessories all while managing to stay on trend. Brands similar to H&M, like Zara, Topshop, etc., have also sped up the turnover rate of retail fashion to push new arrivals. The downside is the amount of clothes that end up in landfills-some of which contain harmful chemicals that pollute the environment. So is H&M pushing the world to build better consumer habits with H&M Conscious, or trying to reverse the damage they've done?

H&M has made an large effort to reduce its carbon footprint with the Conscious Collection. The conscious collection is the fashionable, higher-end collection made from sustainable materials and the process to manufacture these products is completely “green”. Being one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton, H&M is creating an ethos around living green through the education of the textile lifecycle. The company has since placed collection boxes in stores worldwide and uses environment friendly chemicals during the production process.


"A company of our size and scale has a responsibility as well as a great opportunity to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion and design industry."

- Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability


Their vision is simple: all operations should run in a way that’s financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. Sustainably then becomes an ongoing process, one of which demands the participation at all levels from the manufacturer to the consumer.

I personally feel like I have a duty to buy ethically sourced clothes more often to ensure we have a safe and more green future. This shirt is also comfortable and has survived two of my closet clean outs.