Wisdom ATL and Wish Atlanta Fashion Week Collaboration

Atlanta designer Latif Rashaad silently hinted to me that Atlanta’s fashion culture needed to be taken to the next level, which begs the question what’s it going to take for Atlanta to be legitimized as a fashion destination? Or can we be influential in fashion through other industries? For a large city that’s growing tremendously, there’s a growing interest in fashion and producing content surrounding it, which has fostered a rising group of Atlanta elite. So although you might not know about Wisdom Fashion House that’s all about to change.

Wish in Atlanta collaborated with a few clothing brands to create Atlanta Fashion Week, a three week long celebration of Atlanta’s fashion culture and to support the start-up culture in a youth-driven society.  

Wish is located in Decatur, one of Atlanta’s oldest cities, and there still remains a vibrant community. The ability for brands to partner with shops and showcase their product in a centralized location is exactly what brands need. The pop-up shop allows brands to engage with the community and increase sales by providing friends, family, and strangers a unique shopping experience-a compelling new way to showcase fashion.

Creating that novel shopping experience is what brands should aim for. It's another way to guarantee a return on investment. Shopping at a pop-up doesn't have the same connotation as visiting a physical store that doesn't change their layout. And it’s hard to replicate the feeling of spontaneity-stumbling upon youth networking and shopping. It’s an experience of culture blending, the exchange of knowledge we least expect from meeting strangers at a pop-up shop.

It’s prolific. It’s inspiring. It’s FASHION.