COS: Clothes Made For Minimalist

I know how hard it can be to find shirts that are modern and functional... but that ends today!

When in Los Angeles it’s imperative to go shopping on Melrose Ave or Rodeo Drive. So after I realized how hot it was, I knew I had to go shopping for a white shirt since all I packed were black shirts. I didn't want just a regular shirt. I wanted a shirt that I couldn't get back home but wasn't too far out of my comfort zone.

I walked into COS LA mainly for central air but ended up trying on 5 different white shirts. Needless to say if I was going to spend upwards as $40 on shirt, the fit and fabric had to be perfect. That's where ingenuity and fashion came into play which made deciding on a shirt even more difficult.

What stood out to me was the visual appearance of functionality in their clothing. COS has a wide selection of shirts that don't make you feel sticky while you sweat. The short sleeves on the shirts extend a little farther than most shirts, making it the perfect length for guys like me with long arms. No matter if you’re big in the middle or slim all the way down, the box structure of these shirts compliment all body types. They also offer pants and accessories that fit the modern aesthetic. Prices are a little on the higher side but you pay for amazing quality and functionality.