Millennials Go Minimal



  1. Minimalism has gone mainstream & millennials are supporting businesses that enhance a socially conscious lifestyle.

  2. Minimalism is trending... Why? Because it supports adventure, financial security, sustainability and self-sufficiency.

  3. There's a focus on the STYLE of life verses the stuff of life.

  4. Most individuals wear about 20% of what is in their closet, so it’s better to invest in “value-based” trends verses “aesthetic-based” trends.


After the United States experienced a recession in the twenty-first century, it left families unsure of the future of our economy. People began to sell their belongings or find employment elsewhere to combat the hard times. Minimalism first got its push into society as an alternative lifestyle to solving America’s disparities and show Americans how to live with less. In the fight for consumer attention, most companies are changing their business models and marketing to promote sustainable living.

Adopting a minimal lifestyle can be difficult because it takes a conscious effort on your end. Society just isn't built to support minimalism. Minimalism encourages frugal shopping habits, owning less and being more creative and adventurous. People who are able to living on the minimal side of life are extremely disciplined and recognize when they are being influenced by society or social media.

You can start going minimal with your wardrobe. Whether your preference is wearing all black, loose fitting clothes or monochrome outfits, the trick is to buy staple garments to add our own personal touch to later.

I rely heavily on a good go to sneaker to get through the week. I've been faith to the Nike Air Force 1 since I was a kid growing up in the streets of New York. The width of the shoes allows for comfortability and minimal design make it the perfect finish to your everyday look. One of Nike's timeless classics.