Going After Your Why


Fashion brands and businesses aren't successful without the support from “the people”. I find it ironic that fashion is frowned upon for promoting materialism and vanity but fashion has also influenced changes in our culture. Sometimes fashion moves in the direction of social justice like in the 1920’s with women wearing suits and now with sustainable fashion being in focus. Although fashion is a powerhouse, its influence varies which is contingent upon consumers’ experiences. That means you have the buying power!

When we look at industries like politics, hospitality, or food, there are spoken and unspoken style rules that govern these spaces. A quick view of these rules or creating your own is what drives fashion to be innovative. All it takes is one person to introduce a new trend for it to go viral. You can even take a look at what your parents wore in the past and see similarities. It’s history that shapes our values, behavior and art.

With the rise of streetwear, I could argue that fashion is a contemporary form of art and a way for self-discovery. If fashion brands want to remain relevant, they must address all our needs and wants like sustainable options or stances on social issues. Fashion brands and companies are conscious of the cultural shift and have adjust by becoming more invested in our experience. They even show their invest through the engagement on social media platforms.

All this points back to you, the consumer. Your input is valued as it shapes the direction of our culture. As brick and mortar businesses attempt to overcome the challenges of retaining loyal consumers and appealing to new ones, the overall business-to-consumer interaction is changing. As fashion lives more and more in the digital space, smaller brands are claiming their piece of property by serving local communities or spearheading initiatives in ways larger brands can’t. The result is happier customers who are more willing to explore, buy, and experiment with their style while following the unpredictable trajectory of fashion.

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