Wisdom Fashion House

Photography by Neil at SALT ATL

[A 16 year old virgin overhears his peers praising another guy for “smashing” on the first date. He thinks having sex will make his friends like him more but he ends up forcing a sexual encounter that puts him and the victim in a compromised state. This is rape culture.]

Every 98 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted, and the less education you have, the more likely you are to be sexually assaulted by the age 44. These numbers are staggering but that hasn't stopped Wisdom Fashion House from talking about these issue that plague our society. I met up with Latif Rashaad, designer for Wisdom Fashion House, to hear why he started this powerful movement.

Latif first witnessed rape culture in high school when he himself was a victim. He also saw how guys treated girls and it made him question what triggers it. After learning about the negative side effects from the music we listen to or what we see on social media, Latif had to speak up and start creating new spaces for fashion and social equality to thrive.

As a fashion designer, it’s his goal to take what's in his brain and translate that into fashion, and he's using his brand to teach other people how to love and take care of one another. Latif agrees that fashion & culture are one in the same but in order to change society, you’ve got to learn how to be disruptive. His team has coordinated amazing fashion presentations such as “flash-mobs” in the middle of a mall to address rape culture in everyday life.

Rape culture continues to affect a lot of people across the world but with a new wave of "End Rape Culture" printed across t-shirts, it’s impossible to ignore their message. My hope is that people open their eyes to how powerful fashion can influence a younger generation and knowing that we can utilize our platforms to build a better future. Wisdom has gained a lot of momentum from their latest release featured in film and pioneering the way for aspiring fashion brands in Atlanta.

Thank you for all the work you do