Black Male Fashion Designers Who Are the Future of Fashion


Images provided by Telfar, Off-White & A-Cold-Wall

Let your work be your legacy..

Witnessing the fashion industry embrace diversity more and more presents a future with an equal playing field and plenty of opportunities. Runways have become displays for modern art and designers dabble in the art of storytelling to attract Gen Z consumers. What's worked for these brands is the utilization of social media and leading industry influencers to attract a greater, more informed audience.

When I discovered my interest in fashion I was eager to dive inside the minds of noteworthy designers like Kanye, Virgil, and Olivier. I began to appreciate the artistic process more and researched different methodologies to creative direction and design. The most important point was how these designers reinforced my respect for fashion leaders and innovators.

Designers like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh are very much leaders in the industry via hard work and influence, BUT there are so many more!

Another exemplary individual is Telfar Clemens who believes fashion is genderless. Telfar is all about clothing not just for you, but for everyone. One of Clemen’s iconic designs is the shopping bag that comes in size small, medium and large. With clean lines and the Telfar logo imprinted on the front, his bags have become a huge hit and prove to be more than just a woman’s accessory. Clemens has also won awards for his work and has even designed uniforms for the fast-food chain White Castle.

Another influential member in the fashion industry is Samuel Ross, designer for A-Cold-Wall. He’s inspiring our generation to become leaders in fashion no matter what background you possess, and he has collaborated with everyone from Hiroshi Fujiwara to Nike. A-Cold-Wall is particularly akin to street style but Ross draws inspiration from his childhood growing up in the UK. When Ross isn’t designing, he’s creating sculptures and art instillations all over the world.

More designers like Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss and Christopher Bevans of DYNE have also made their mark using unconventional means. Decisions from runway location to model castings play a large role in their brand strategy and overall perception of “what’s in”.

One thing that these designers have in common is how they draw inspiration from their experiences and translate those moments into modern designs that lead today’s trends. Rest assure the future of fashion is in good hands.