The State of Menswear

Guys I haven't used my Neuroscience degree in a couple of years, but here goes nothing.

Why is fashion only for girls?

At an early age, our tiny brains were constantly inundated with information that left a large impression in our minds. It got easier to learn things once we began to categorize things, like the difference between masculine and feminine. But that type of dichotomy is what feeds into the stereotypes we grew up with...

How does this relate to fashion?

Well, I have a supported theory that because girls play dress up with dolls, it’s viewed as feminine to take an interest in fashion. Not only that, but guys who are more inclined to care about their appearance are seen as more feminine, feeding into the vicious cycle of misogyny and homophobia. What does that leave us with? Guys who don’t know how to dress in 2018. WELL I’M NOT HERE FOR IT!


Well what’s the big deal?

It’s imperative that we teach young boys the importance of self-care and knowing how to get dressed each day, because each day presents new challenges. It's a sign of growth and maturity. There's also a downstream effect of tolerance and open-mindedness in the generations to come. If we don’t reinforce these values early on, toxic masculinity will continue to have a negative affect in our society. But not only is it sad, it’s embarrassing if you don't know the saying dress for the job you want, not the job you have. MMHMM..


So what now?

If you still think fashion isn't for you, you’re probably going about it the wrong way. They didn’t preach "dress for success" in high school for nothing. It take a shift in your mentality to really appreciate someone's style and dress. When you look sharp, you can’t tell me your confidence level doesn’t shoot out the roof. Also did you know people who are well-groomed are 5x more likely to be successful? FACTS. It’s not far-fetched to think that grooming increases attractiveness, and attractiveness gives you a leg up in society (I aced the chapter about Charles Darwin in college). I also can’t tell you how many compliments I get whenever I wear a bold statement piece... 10 on a good day.

Alright so I’ve said a lot, but I want to offer you some tips.

  1. Shop at the end of each season, because the sales are amazing (unless it's something you've gotta have before it's sold out).

  2. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. Don’t buy something because it’s cheap, buy it because it makes you feel good.

  3. Invest less in basics and more in staples. HERE'S an example of a staple.

  4. Embrace technology and download the apps to your favorite stores. Exclusive drops and sneaker releases are here to stay. 

  5. The color BLACK. You can never have enough black in your closet.


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