10 Things to Know in Your 20s


You’re straight out of college, degree in hand and you’re prepared to handle anything. Right? For some people, it's hard to overcome that learning curve right away, and although learning from experience has its rewards, it might not be the best start to your new "adult" life. I want to help you save you time, money and headache with just 10 simple tips you can start right now.

  1. Understand your past doesn't define your future.

    • I hope I'm not the first to say it’s alright to change directions in life. You might have studied one subject and is working in a different field. Your goal should be to discover what you love and put your passions first. I didn’t go to fashion or marketing school and I wasn’t a journalist, but I didn't let that stop me from starting a blog. If you love something you will do what it takes to make it a reality.

  2. Invest, Invest, Invest.

    • I'll get to the money but first focus on yourself. Whether you're the kind of person to pray every day, write in a journal before bed, or hire a therapist, there's proof that being more introspective through meditation or mental exercises can increase the positivity and productivity in your life. I got a life coach to help me channel my energy into making smarter decisions for myself and acknowledge the progress I was making, which encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams.

  3. Now on to the $$$.

    • Have a rainy day fund. It’s great to have that desire to travel or start a business, but we all need to have money on the side for accidentals. Get into a routine of putting a portion of money to the side every pay period. I promise you won't regret it because that $700 I had to pay to fix my car the other day was completely unexpected.

  4. Learn how credit works.

    • Credit is important. Building good credit will help you finance things in the future, like a house or a car. Try and avoid getting behind on payments because that will affect your credit and only handle what you can manage. Learn how it affects your future and foster good habits while you're young because having a healthy credit score will make you feel confident making large purchases and monetary investments.

  5. Call your mom.

    • We go through different things in life and the best people to listen to would be your parents, but your teachers and mentors are great sources of advice. There are very few people with your best interest in mind. Your parents are an ultimate source of support, love and advice, but there are other ways to gain knowledge. I love my family and we can get on each other's nerves, but I'm not quite ready to retire from weekly oxtail dinners and not having to pay rent.

  6. Don’t let fatigue discourage you on your job search.

    • If you didn’t have time to look for jobs while you were still a student (guilty), landing your first job out of college could take some time. Fear and doubt can creep in if you're not hearing back from companies, but trust me it’s never a bad thing to be patient. You don't want to settle. Your career is what you make it so aim for a job that you actually want to wake up in the morning and grow from.

  7. Network like crazy.

    • You would be surprised how much networking can propel you forward. Having a "foot in the door" sometimes is the only way to get in. With so much talent out there in the world, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. Knowing someone in the field or a part of a company you would like to work for can help you land that position. Also someone could be your blessing. Put yourself out there and you'll see your purpose unfold in front of your eyes.

  8. Travel while you are young.

    • Seeing other people live life differently can certainly provide perspective on the way you're living. There's so much beauty in other cultures and regions of the world. Learning about those cultures and ways of life will help you become a well-rounded person. What makes these moment even better is experiencing them with friends or even strangers.

  9. Date!

    • Some lucky people are fortunate to meet their perfect match in high school or college. Then there are those who have to experience the world of dating (raises hand). There's nothing wrong with dating. You have the benefit of learning more about yourself and what you want from your significant other. That self-awareness can lay the foundation for a healthy relationship. I just hope "future-bae" is out here hustling in their 20s so we can Netflix and chill in our 30s.

  10. Finally, walk in truth.

    • Ultimately you have control over your life and you shouldn't spend it living someone else's dream. Don't let the fear of failing stop you from trying something new or making the necessary change to be a happier person. When your happy, your relationships are healthier, your work harder, and you glow up! You have so many years ahead of you to make mistakes, change careers, fall in love, and be someone's inspiration. Be you and be the best at it.

The day I started walking in truth was the day I starting living for me, by my rules. Take a look at my story through the 0:00 challenge.