Fall Menswear Series: A Closer Look at Athleisure

Part two of the Fall Menswear Series is about comfort and utility.

I've personally made a conscious effort to expand my style without sacrificing comfort and pay attention to functionality because I'm the kind of guy that uses every pocket whenever I wear a pair of pants. Athleisure is a great solution to the problem. It's not only for the athletes. It's for ladies and gents who look good dressing down and those who say "I only wear what's comfortable." Due to the unpredictable weather in Atlanta, I decided to go out and purchase some items that are functional, waterproof, and modern.

I chose an all-black look because it's a staple aesthetic for fall. I try to let me personal identity shine with whatever I'm wearing. My friends knew me as the guy for wearing all black. Needless to say, I've come a long way from have too much black in my closet and finding a balance for the fall. The leather hat is waterproof. The rain jacket is waterproof and has a bunch of pockets. The adidas NMDs are not so water proof but comfortable and completes the sleek, athletic look.

I paired the all-black outfit with see-through accessories. They easily fit into the wardrobe of a minimalist, or anyone who invests in timeless pieces. These accessories aren't new to the market and in fact they remind me of my childhood. Another reason these items complete the look is 1) the accessories go well with whatever I wear and 2) staying dry is important. This is just a sample into athleisure and how it functions.

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