African Fashion and Design Week 2017 in Atlanta

Style, community, and culture. Three words that I would use to sum up the energy at the Atlanta African Fashion and Design Week. CEO and founder Philippa Knowles has coordinated AF&DW year after year and for her 5th go around she selected five designers that embodied African Luxury. The showcase was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), tucked away within the towers of Buckhead. Philippa and her team and transformed the venue into an African safari, presenting a designer's unique vibe around every corner. 

(left to right) Courtney Hammonds, Philippa Knowles, and Gavôn Owen

(left to right) Courtney Hammonds, Philippa Knowles, and Gavôn Owen

Philippa is nothing short of a creative genius. The night before the fashion show, she hosted a networking event at a private lounge for bloggers, photographers, and designers to meet, talk fashion and set the momentum for the weekend. She invited Courtney Hammonds to host the fashion show the following evening. I personally don't know anyone else who could grab the crowd's attention and capture each designer's vision and purpose.

The mission of AF&DW is always to celebrate the achievements of local,  African designers and showcase their great work. Designers ranged from students of the Arts Institute of Atlanta to mother's who inspire the everyday woman. What made the event successful was the scope of culture and style. Each designer introduced a contemporary take on current fashion trends whether it was an every day hang bag or the traditional African attire. It's moments like these that motivate me to continue blogging and serve my readers.

Thank you Philippa Knowlees for having Gavôn Owen and a special shout out to my friend, brother, and mentor Courtney Hammonds for being an engaging host. For updates on AF&DW, follow Philippa Knowles on her Instagram page and be one of the first to know about AF&DW 2018.