Finding your Artistic Direction

Model Jordan Hameen styled by Gavôn Owen

Model Jordan Hameen styled by Gavôn Owen

People always ask me "I thought you wanted to be a doctor?" And although it would be nice to pursue that career I have a feeling God had something else planned for me.

It wasn't until my senior year of college when I located my creative muscle. I was always thinking rigid and conventional up until that moment when the muscle fibers had grown large enough for other people to notice. I was desperate to exercise my creativity as much as possible because it was a form of escape from a past me to the new me. It wasn’t simply a form of expression, it was seeing the results that was addicting. Traveling into a world of endless possibilities pushed me further to explore new methods and experiment with the human body.

Most times I'm usually in front of the camera just so I could create something and learn how the body maneuvered in space. But it felt good to collaborate with another creative being and manifest something beautiful. I've never experienced so much chemistry and laughter while working. And we weren't getting paid for this but the quality and time spent putting the clothes together, directing the model, and producing images was well worth it.

The point to take away from this message is the importance of finding direction in your life. For most people it’s their career, for others it might be relationships. Whatever your direction maybe let’s make a promise that when we find our direction we will foster it and walk in it every day.