Fall Menswear Series: A man coming of age

The Fall Menswear Series

Recently I've been reflecting about my blog and my dream of inspiring other men to evolve their style. I kept thinking about how I could relate to the everyday man through a cultural lens. A man who loves to look sharp whether he's working or kicking back. This collection of posts is designed to aid men in their individual preparation for the fall season. Each post challenges you to think about individual style and self-confidence.

My life was beginning to evolve and I was struggling to find garments that I could wear during the day and at night offering versatility. The answer lies in suiting. Every gentleman coming of age should invest in a couple good suits and diversify their closets with blazers and sports coats to match their energy. Transitioning into the "adult phase" allows for moments to show off personal style and gives you permission to take more time in the bathroom. Having a suit that fits perfectly is the key. Getting them tailored is a great way to achieve the perfect look, but a slim or skinny fit gets the job done.

 This year's fall suit is olive, fitted, and light-weight. Kanye West was one of the first to introduce an all neutral color palette in his first Yeezy collection. From there, olive become a staple color to wear all year round because it's subtle, adaptable, and far from tacky. Pair the suit with a floral print button up, a neutral colored t-shirt, or dark polo. Creating professional looks all year round is how the pros do it and incorporating this staple garment will make getting dressed for the cooler months a breeze.

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