Moonlight's Mahershala Ali is a Carefree Black Boy Inspiration

I was filled with joy to see another black man grace the cover of a GQ Magazine issue. Mahershala Ali joins the ranks of Black men to not only be featured on GQ magazine, but share his journey, social platform, and how to look dapper this summer! Read the GQ article here... 


Aside from being an Oscar award winning actor, Ali reminds us to believe in our God-given talent and never let another person define your value. He earns the Carefree Black Boy title because of his resilience to fight intolerance, inequality and toxic masculinity. The carefree black boy doesn't go through life happy 24/7. He's actively working on being faithful and living in his own truth. He works everyday to be more and more authentic and to leave a lasting impression. Ali talks about growing up as a Muslim American, being discriminated against and profiled. However, he also talked about how he was able to persevere. 

Seeing more and more black men becoming influencers helps to shatter stereotypes and lays a foundation for black guys to be more of themselves than what society wants them to be. Men like Ali gave me the motivation to start blogging and discover what I'm passionate about, and it's my calling to share that with others. Other guys can live more carefree by having an open-mind and focusing on self-awareness. Doing things like meditation, therapy, and not being afraid to smile more can encourage that carefree feeling within yourself. I'm not saying that life is going to be easy and that you always have to be happy, but never let the feeling of fear disable you.

Please go read the insider interview with Mahershala Ali about love, tolerance, and true American values. He's also sporting some amazing outfits. Take notes gentlemen!