Street Style: Where Couture & The Streets Collide

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Streetwear was born in California when local designers and brands began selling clothes out of cars. Eventually branded tees evolved into branded items like skateboards and household items, and the rest is history.

Streetwear is a universal language that connects us through self-expression and my style has definitely been influenced by high fashion and hip-hop culture. Because of what I was exposed to at a young age, I’m aware of how my style speaks to other people and I use that to brand my business as a creative director.

Not all street style encompasses streetwear brands. For example, high-fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have just as much influence on culture and collaboration with brands akin to streetwear. These collaboration range from ready-to-wear garments and to region specific drops.

Streetwear isn't exclusive to hypebeasts or sneakerheads. It's fashion, and fashion is culture, and culture is all around us. Together fashion & culture evolve brands and push them to market better and remain relevant. These streetwear movements brands often represent can lead to new conversations or consumers. It’ll be interesting to see how street culture changes as the balance between couture and fast-fashion play out.

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