What To Wear To A Job Interview

Tired of wearing the same exact outfit to every interview? You've made it passed the first round and want to come with a different look? This post is dedicated to achieving the perfect interview outfit.

  • Formal Interviews: The employers loved your application but you want to beat out the competition with a clean, professional look. The color of your suit must be black or dark gray if you want them to take you seriously. Save your brown and light grey suit for another time. Black shoes go with anything but brown shoes go best with a dark grey suit. Now as for the shirt, you can't go wrong wearing a pressed white or blue button up. White is a neutral color and blue is a calming color that won't distract the interviewer. The color of your tie should be relatively cool such as blue, green or purple, or neutral such as black, white or grey). And I do recommend a tie over a bowtie.

  • Informal Interviews: Some of you might get lucky enough to have an informal interview. This doesn't mean t-shirt and jeans. God forbid you would actually do that... Informal basically means no jacket required. If that's the case, a starched button up shirt and slacks will do the trick. Try and keep the colors of your garments simple (black, grey, khaki or navy). You can show off your personality with a gingham or striped shirt. Or keep it simple and accent the outfit with a pattern tie or bowtie.

  • Unconventional Interviews: If you're going on an interview in the creative industry, you have more creative freedom with your interview outfit. Don't stray away from the essentials. Wearing a jacket, tie and slacks is implied. Want to take your outfit to the next level? Take a rule out of my rule book. Rule #1. Always wear an accent piece so show your personality and utilize as a point of conversation. Rule #2. Patterns are your friend and you should incorporate at least one subtle pattern. Rule #3. Keep a strong sock game because everyone loves an intriguing pair of socks.

Here are some menswear tips for the interview and your first day on the job.

  1. A gentleman should always take their hat off after entering a building.

  2. Two spritz of cologne goes a long way, never apply it to your clothes, and DO NOT rub it against your skin.

  3. The belt should match your shoes, if possible. I never asked questions. It's something my dad taught me.

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