How I Learned to Let Go and Embrace the Art of Minimalism

The Problem: Having Too Much

At the beginning of April, I was doing some spring cleaning in preparation for summer vacation, but on my first trip, I couldn't decide what shoes to bring on a 3 day trip. A 3 DAY TRIP. Needless to say I ended up with a bag just for shoes 🙃

The Solution: Downsizing

Besides not having enough space in my suitcase, my problem was I had become accustomed to having a lot of options verses investing in the essential garments that are necessary. My closet really needed to be cleaned out and reorganized...

Becoming A Minimalist

This might sound too deep but thinking like a minimalist helped me discover the art of owning less and appreciating more. Minimalist live a conscious lifestyle by practicing gratitude and sustainable habits. If you're a millennial and you want to rebuild your wardrobe without breaking the bank, invest in essentials that you can see yourself wearing years down the line because of their value. Start off by decluttering your closet. Then look for ways to minimize clutter in other parts of your life.

I choose to highlight the Vans Classic Old Skool Sneaker as an essential closet piece because I like how effortlessly they complete any outfit. They're classic, versatile, comfortable and affordable. They're great for completing your airport outfit and trendy enough to dress up.

photo taken at the Ghiaccio Fede fashion show

photo taken at the Ghiaccio Fede fashion show