Fashion Designer Brings L.A. Street Style to Atlanta

Ghiaccio Fede, otherwise known as "ice faith", is the label of CG Harper's clothing line and vision for sustaining his brand. He showcased his menswear and womenswear collection at the Kai Lin Art facility in Atlanta and invited local media, bloggers, and PR to cover the event and network. I was there as a blogger to help cover the event. 

The showcase was relatively brief and there were about 20 outfits he presented. All the male models were rocking old school vans and the ladies thigh boots. His collection had a lot of styles that are versatile and utilizing army green created uniformity amongst his staple pieces. The leather jacket with built-in shoulder pads and distressed military gear set him apart from the rest of Atlanta street style.

"Ice" is another word for diamonds, and diamonds are prized and oh high value.