Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, or at least 2 Chainz says so

I am driving down Howell Mill Road on the way to an event and I couldn't ignore the pink house with the letter TRAP across the top... Dammit I love Atlanta!

(Fun fact: It's a TRAP museum, free for the people)

When it comes to Trap culture, Atlanta is known for nurturing society's underground trap artists. These artists release club bangers that are played from the cars of pretty girls all around the city of Atlanta. Chainz characterization of "pretty girls" is aligned with society's ideals surrounding chastity and sophistication, words that DO NOT define trap music. But 2 Chainz couldn't ignore that the pretty, who really could have any guy they wanted, desired to be with a hustler and are into their aesthetics as much as they love nice things.

Now,  aside from trends of misogyny and hustling to gain upward mobility in current trap rap, 2 Chainz said something in his interview with RollingStones magazine that I believe characterizes pop culture... 

We’re the pop stars. Trap rap is pop now. People’s ears have adjusted to what we have to say and how we say it.
— 2 Chainz

Growing up I thought it was a privilege to genuinely appreciate trap music. Either you had to hustle to the top come from the neighborhoods that these artists come from. Hearing a track somewhere and then finding out which website to download it was apart of the experience and obtaining entry into the trap community. Over time with increased popularity in the trap genre, trap rap is increasingly more available to the public thanks to Spotify and iTunes Apple Music.

I am all about the club scene and partaking in fellowship with Guwop blaring in the background, but that fun and excitements comes from the pride I have for my city.