Images by Vogue

It's that time again for the MET Gala!

I'm amazed every year by designers who take on the challenge of creating a dress or suit and allow celebrities to represent their brand. Sky's the limit and this year there were a lot of hits. The gala serves as reminder that fashion is staple in any culture and is a form of appreciation and art. It’s also the perfect time to “stan” celebrities and witness imagination come to life on the red carpet.


Comme des Garçons (CdG) is a pioneer label that has broken away from conventional garments and dives into the abnormal and avant garde. Founder Rei Kawakubo is an idol amongst other names in fashion and produces collections filled with androgyny and silhouette manipulation. It's funny how more and more figures in media are looking to brands like CdG for inspiration on how to engaging with a newer, upcoming audience. Brands with a message on average are more successful at retaining a loyal audience.


CdG has no limits and that speaks to our fashion-forward thinking society. Designers take moments like the MET gala to show the range of their expertise.