What Separates Us From Our Work?


Since my big move to NYC, I started seeing myself more as an artist. And since I decided to make it official on instagram, I decided to establish my very own artist process. Many artists have a process or techniques that they use to approach work and their approach is what defines their career.

An artist’s goal is to make their work connect with people so they understand what it represents. What our work represents can become our image and our image is what leads many artists to success, fame or whatever they’re in the business for. Working in NY I realized my work hadn’t changed, I had the same approach I started with and I wasn’t growing.

It’s not easily done but it is possible to live life as an artist and separate ourselves from our work. The point of me talking about this is to remind people that our work should capture a moment in time. As we evolve and our world evolves, materials change, software is upgraded and things start to go out of style for the sake of being current. Being current in fashion is the pinnacle of success and supports longevity.

When I started as a “wannabe” stylist, my work was a reflection of what I thought was fashionable and not necessarily what was current in my industry, which vastly differs from the work I’m doing now. Since I relocated I’ve been inspired to create differently and approach things from a different perspective.

I’ve been inspired by artist like Solange Knowles and Jaden Smith. Jaden Smith encouraged me to think more freely and less as a collective through poetry and style. Solange’s A Seat at the Table was the first time I felt moved to create something “pro-black” which was therapy and healing from my experience with toxic masculinity. The work I do now pushes me to think bigger. I’ve challenged myself to string together my collection of works to tell a story.